What’s new in Craft Check 2.1?

You may have noticed a shiny new Craft Check update sitting in your notifications - don’t panic, everything’s going according to plan!

  • By user request, we added a button to let users manually trigger the flash to improve barcode scanning in dark or low-light scenarios.
  • As this flash button was a feature we’d previously removed, we really tried to fit in a “Dark Night Returns” joke, but it just wasn’t happening today. Maybe next time.
  • We fixed a bug that caused some users with iPhone 4S models to experience application crashes when they attempted to scan a barcode. Or just open the scan screen. Or click a button. We decided this was ultimately a suboptimal user experience, so we removed the “Instacrash on 4S” feature and replaced it with “Read The Documentation" and “Now It Doesn’t Crash on 4S Anymore” features.
  • Read the documentation.
  • Continued to be surprised that Apple lets us publish these as our official documented changeling in the app store.