Now Available: Craft Check Version 1.0.2!

If you’ve already downloaded Craft Check, thanks and make sure to update! If you haven’t, get it here!

Official Release Notes for Craft Check Version 1.0.2 (which Rudy wouldn’t let Barrett submit as 1.0.potato):

There were some things that were wrong. We made them less wrong.

  • Updated our database to add over a hundred new American Craft Breweries and changed some entries to reflect the current state of the beer industry as of March 1st, 2014.
  • Changed some language in our About page to get rid of typos that Barrett introduced due to “market research.“

It's been a fun month. First the Brewers Association made some big changes to their definition of Craft Brewery, and then we were interviewed by Fortune Magazine!

We’ve also had a huge influx of new users this month (Hi! Thanks!) so to answer some of the more common questions:

Yes, we’re working on an Android version.

No, we don’t have a firm release date yet, but it’s a priority.

Yes, there’s a weird scanning bug that most commonly manifests with short UPC codes often used by MillerCoors products like Leinenkugel and Miller Lite - we’re working on a fix and will submit an update as soon as possible.

Yes, we’re looking at different ways to include more information about the beers you scan.

No, we’re not going to turn into Untappd or TapHunter, mainly because Untappd and TapHunter are already awesome and do what they do really well.

No, our database isn’t perfect, so-

Yes, we always appreciate when you email us info on beers that we may have gotten wrong.

No, we weren’t really prepared for international press for our first version of Craft Check.

Yes, it was awesome and we totally called our parents.

Yes, we like hearing any feedback and suggestions you have.

Yes, even if that feedback is "your stupid.” (A real email, that one.)

Anything else you want answered, feel free to ask us or just email Barrett.

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