Announcing Craft Check version 1.0.3

Rudy continues to stifle my versioning creativity, refusing to consider anything beyond “sequential numbers” for our release names. So this month we’re “proud” to announce Craft Check v1.0.3 (but not as proud as we would have been to announce Craft Check v1.0.MonkeysDoingPeopleThings.)

So you may have noticed that with our last release, there were certain things that were - and hang on here because I’m about to get pretty technical - “broken.” For those new to the tech world, “broken” is a term that denotes “functioning at less than optimal capability.” In this case, certain types of UPC codes - ironically, the kind that are most commonly used on MillerCoors products - scanned improperly about 20-30% of the time, which is just enough to ensure tracking them down is a major pain in the ass.

So we didn’t. We’ve got things to do here, people.

Instead of spending weeks on end trying to figure out why this thing happened sometimes but not always, we just replaced the scanning stack and now things work the way they should have the entire time. Easy, peasy, lemon squee - no. Stop fucking putting lemons in my beer. Limes are okay in certain circumstances. Oranges are never okay - it’s beer, not a fruit salad.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: when life gives you lemons (or oranges), keep them out my beer.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed bug where certain types of short width-impaired UPCs improperly scanned and thus returned an incorrect response, those naughty, naughty UPCs. Fixed the issue by changing the scanning stack to native iOS scanning API, and ensured the short width-impaired UPCs were appropriately scolded for their insolence.
  • Added or modified entries for a hundred new breweries, including some that contacted us asking why they weren’t in the database despite being authentic Craft Breweries. “Because you never call or write anymore,” we told them, before grudgingly adding them to the database and wondering whether they’re truly happy with that new beer social network or just acting that way on Facebook.
  • Finally got around to watching the How I Met Your Mother finale. It went okay.

Now Available: Craft Check Version 1.0.2!

If you’ve already downloaded Craft Check, thanks and make sure to update! If you haven’t, get it here!

Official Release Notes for Craft Check Version 1.0.2 (which Rudy wouldn’t let Barrett submit as 1.0.potato):

There were some things that were wrong. We made them less wrong.

  • Updated our database to add over a hundred new American Craft Breweries and changed some entries to reflect the current state of the beer industry as of March 1st, 2014.
  • Changed some language in our About page to get rid of typos that Barrett introduced due to “market research.“

It's been a fun month. First the Brewers Association made some big changes to their definition of Craft Brewery, and then we were interviewed by Fortune Magazine!

We’ve also had a huge influx of new users this month (Hi! Thanks!) so to answer some of the more common questions:

Yes, we’re working on an Android version.

No, we don’t have a firm release date yet, but it’s a priority.

Yes, there’s a weird scanning bug that most commonly manifests with short UPC codes often used by MillerCoors products like Leinenkugel and Miller Lite - we’re working on a fix and will submit an update as soon as possible.

Yes, we’re looking at different ways to include more information about the beers you scan.

No, we’re not going to turn into Untappd or TapHunter, mainly because Untappd and TapHunter are already awesome and do what they do really well.

No, our database isn’t perfect, so-

Yes, we always appreciate when you email us info on beers that we may have gotten wrong.

No, we weren’t really prepared for international press for our first version of Craft Check.

Yes, it was awesome and we totally called our parents.

Yes, we like hearing any feedback and suggestions you have.

Yes, even if that feedback is "your stupid.” (A real email, that one.)

Anything else you want answered, feel free to ask us or just email Barrett.

Just in time for New Year’s Eve - Craft Check version 1.0.1!

Just scan or search and instantly know whether you’re looking at a genuine Craft Beer or a crafty impostor from The Big Guys!


  • More than 250 new Craft Breweries added to our database thanks to users throughout the country!
  • Nearly four interface tweaks to save you precious time and energy!
  • Better scanning!
  • Fewer bugs!
  • More words!
  • The same number of people working on it (2.5!)

Everyone knows that there’s nothing sexier on New Year’s Eve than someone who knows their craft beer.** So don’t be the schmuck talking up your Beer IQ with a Shock Top in hand - make sure you’ve got something impressive to show off.

“Oh this?” you’ll say with a jaunty little smile on your face as you nonchalantly pull your party contribution out of its traveling receptacle, all the while cutting a beguiling figure not entirely unlike Han Solo or Princess Leia from Empire on, “It’s nothing really. Just a limited edition release from [insert genuine Craft Brewery here]. I figured I’d bring it along in case someone wanted to try it out.”

“My word,” they’ll exclaim in return, their voice indicating cautious intrigue but betraying more than a hint of wonder, “I’ve been meaning to try this/looking for it everywhere/hoping to find someone who appreciates the mind-boggling complexity of this seductive elixir! Marry me, Gertrude/William! Take me away from this tasteless peasantry and let’s spend the rest of our lives sampling the pleasures held therein!”

See what we mean? Those two are definitely going to enjoy their beers.

So let Craft Check make sure you’re bringing the good shit to the party this year - the rest of your life may depend on it.

**Seriously. It’s a thing. In fact, it’s all we talk about sometimes.

Craft Check: Drink Craft - Not Crafty.